Protecting Your Privacy

We’ve been alarmed by stories of hidden cameras in Airbnb’s and Hotels…this is what you can do about it.

Naturally everyone wants to believe that their Airbnb Hosts are decent people and the truth is, the majority are. When thinking about booking a vacation rental there are things to look out for, like is the property owned by individuals or part of a property management company? Property managers are not hands on so often times even they don’t know who is going into the property on a daily basis to clean and maintain the room.

This is where privacy can become a big problem.

Because Doug & I travel like you we’ve paid particular interest to this rash of stories about hidden cameras in hotels and vacations rentals. We found this great article and wanted to share it with you…our guests and of course give you our word that as hands on owners you have our personal guarantee that you’re privacy is protected at Remington Flats.

How to find camera’s in your room.

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In Life and in Travel, It’s the Little Things…Take Pillows for Example

Pillow fight.jpg

We have the opportunity to meet and talk with people from all walks of life, of all ages, and from all over the world. We recently hosted guests Tricia and Dermot who retired young and sold their home; now they travel all over the world staying in their selected city from one week to up to six-months at a time. We asked them… “What tips do you have to experience the local culture and make every place feel like home?” Here’s what they told us:

1.       Take a Free Walking Tour

Walking tours can be found in most every city and provide a quick way to acquaint yourself with a new city. We found a great local resource from our partners at Visit Fort Collins. If you’re traveling abroad Rick Steves offers free downloads of excellent walking tours.  Finally, because #RemingtonFlats is located in a quiet residential neighborhood but only a block away from the heart of the city, just walk out the front door of your studio and head north to experience FoCo like a local.

2.       Find Affordable Entertainment

Apps like Culture Trip and Field Trip will immediately connect you to what’s going on in our city. If in FoCo, check out Visit Fort Collins for a calendar of local events.

3.       Take your Pillow

Try as we might, we just can’t please everyone with our pillow selection but nothing says “home” as much as one’s own pillow. So if you have room in your suitcase (and you should make room) bring your own pillow when you travel.

4.       Save Money and Eat In

Full disclosure, we think this is a terrible idea unless you’re staying someplace for a week or more but Tricia and Dermot say it’s one way to save money when traveling. They also said (we’re just the messengers) that finding local restaurants is one of the best ways to meet the locals.  So, I guess take this bullet-point under advisement.  Anywayyyyy… lucky for you each studio at #RemingtonFlats  has a fully equipped eat-in kitchen. Did you also know we offer pre-arrival shopping services? (Hmmmm….me thinkith we just came up with our next “BLOG” topic!)

5.       Ask for Help in Planning

You’re going to have to get used to us repeating this mantra… “Not all lodging is created equal.” Where you stay does matter…a lot. We send several emails prior to arrival to assist you in planning. We offer concierge check-in for those wanting to meet us and get assistance with getting a lay-of-the land. If you follow our “BLOG” or any of our Social Pages you’ll find a nice mix of fun and helpful information.  So follow us!  

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Welcome to our Blog..."Remington's Beef Wellington"?


Oh gosh…we’re doing it. We’re jumping into the blogging-world; although “jump” isn’t exactly the correct adjective to describe our venture. “Shoved violently” really describes it best.

Normally this is where the person blogging writes “Just kidding!!! We can’t WAIT to launch our blog. (Sorry to disappoint.)

Anyway…We’re told that you should think of a clever name for your blog? “Flat Chat” sounds like something one finds on Public Service Radio but it’s not terrible. “Remington’s Thoughts”? Terrible. We Googled “What rhymes with Remington”? Beef Wellington was our favorite but it doesn’t make a great title for a Blog nor does it really rhyme with Remington come to think of it.

So, as you can see we’re not off to a great start; for now we’re calling it…”Blog”. Just take a moment to enjoy that.

All kidding aside (no joking has been included thus far) we will have clever posts about all things Remington Flats, FoCo, Events, Promotions, and just our everyday thoughts.

Oh…and of course we’ll have our very popular with the cool kids series… “What’s DUG up to now?”