Unique: being only one of its kind, unlike anything else. 


1.  C O N C I E R G E

Remington Flats is a unique property. Unlike most other hotels there is not a 24hr lobby or concierge. Our guests value an independent stay more akin to a Bed & Breakfast or Vacation Holiday Rental. However, there is someone in the reception office from 11am-5pm daily; we are available for assisted concierge check-in and after hours phone numbers are always available.  



We happily welcome people from all races, religions, and sexual preference. People are people and it's our honor to meet and host everyone.  Your furry companions are also welcomed in Studio D, with restrictions. 


3.  K E Y L E S S  SELF C H E C K-I N

We will provide you with a key code to use to access your studio.  We also have available our Ring HD video doorbell. This cool new technology will allow us to talk to you from anywhere. Located to the right of the office door, push the doorbell, wait a couple of minutes, and one of our staff members will greet you to answer questions. Just that simple!


4.  E X T E N D E D  S T A Y

Each suite is designed as a studio apartment, full with all necessary amenities. Our rooms are ideal for long-term guests seeking a higher level of privacy and a place to call home. Monthly rates are available for our extended stay guests. Please contact us for further information. 


5.  L O C A L

Among our most popular amenities are our locally made snacks. Hotels are not often known for their complimentary refreshments but we are not most hotels and are a unique hybrid of bed & breakfast, vacation rental and luxury hotel. Whether you’re munching or sipping (or both), you’ll love these treats created right here in Fort Collins.  (Because after all, the owners are native to Colorado and Fort Collins!)


6.  N E I G H B O R H O O D

Remington Flats Hotel sits along one of the most historic neighborhood streets in Fort Collins. Our studios will surely make for the ultimate Fort Collins retreat if you are looking to stay in a safe, quiet, but lively neighborhood with direct access to Old Town's vibrant street life, business precinct, shopping district, restaurants and bars.



The hotel boasts a collection of nine practically brand new vintage New Belgium Cruiser bikes which are available exclusively for our guests.  With two per studio, you’ll find them a perfect way to explore Old Town and the nearby breweries;  but you’ll have to notify us in advance if you wish to enjoy cruising!