Be Like Kermit...It's Easy Being Green


Happy Earth Day Fellow Earthlings!

You’re in a class all your own as is evidenced by the fact that every time you choose to stay at a local short-term-rental, you participate in the evolution of the we-sharing economy. This usually means that your want a more authentic experience, which in Colorado means you want to enjoy nature.

This is why in the three years since we first purchased Remington Flats we have slowly but surely gone as green as we can and still accommodate the needs of the guests who stay at Boutique Hotels and Vacation Rentals.

If you never visited the products page of Remington Flats you may not know that we have been very thoughtful about the choices we’ve made from everything from the Who Gives a Crap paper products we use to the recently added refillable Keurig coffee filters.

In honor of Mother Earth, here are the Five Eco-Friendly things you can do to reduce your impact when travelling:

  1. Avoid the Use of Plastics. About a year ago we ditched giving two bottles of water in the rooms and replaced them with filtered water pitchers. We also started using Dropps all natural detergents and while we have super luxurious Beekman 1802 toiletries, we buy them in 5 gallon containers to eliminate the plastic produced by those tiny little hotels bottles of shampoos and lotions. (Just to name a few)

  2. Immerse in the Local Culture. This is easy when you stay at a small local vacation rental, hostel or boutique hotel. We truly give our guests an authentic local experience. The minute you walk into any of our Studio Suites you’ll feel like you’re at home. Truly.

  3. Research the Property Where You Stay. One of the things our guests appreciate is that we make a genuine effort to listen to your feedback. So when our guests overwhelmingly asked about recycling bins in the rooms, we added them. When they gave feedback on the disposable K-Cups, we replaced them (mostly). Make a conscience choice to stay with people who live in the community as those folks (like Doug and I) really do care about the impact our business is having on our community and planet.

  4. Use Alternative Transportation. Say for example you found this really special Boutique Studio Suite Hotel and just say they were perfectly located near everything special and fantastic to see and do in a city within walking distance…that’d be AWESOME right? (wink wink) The only thing that could improve that scenario would be if this place also had ultra cool bikes for you to use to get around everywhere at no charge! You almost certainly would make it your number one choice.

  5. Take Only Photos and Leave Only Footprints. When visiting FoCo, enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Horsetooth Trail and Reservoir , Poudre River, Rocky Mountain National Forest but please don’t mess with the animals or natural habitat. When shopping in nearby boutiques and dining at local restaurants, ask if the products are grown locally or if the products are made by local artisans.

Let us know what you do to reduce your impact when traveling or share your feedback, thoughts, or ideas with us.

We love to hear from you!