CSU Parents and the Importance of a "Home Base"


It is the best and worst of moments. The child you’ve protected and loved for 18 years is heading off to college. For most this means they are leaving home and as any parent knows, whether they are a few or thousands of miles away it’s unnerving. One of the most important thing you can do to ease this transition is find a “home away from home”. This is as much for you as for your kid.

CSU Parents really appreciate the personal connection with us. We make a genuine effort to get to know you so that in the event you need responsible local adults you can call on us (seriously). We’ve been a safe-haven for emergency visits when an exchange students parents had to fly in to help them stick with it, picked up a student who didn’t feel safe to drive home from a party, we’ve purchased a grill for one Mom to give her son as a housewarming present for his first apartment and when a young woman was visiting CSU and a blizzard blew in, we were able to take her to get groceries and make sure she had fun. Just to name a few.

But CSU Parents have also found a home-away-from-home for themselves. With fully equipped kitchen they can make their kids favorite meal while in town, bake cookies or throw a pizza party. We’ve have parents who came to Remington Flats for a vacation and seeing their kid was just a bonus! Heck, we even had one Mom come to stay in Hemingway (Studio A) to finish writing her book about what to do when your kid goes to college!

Ideally, your son or daughter will have an easy transition into college and you’ll enjoy having a home base for parents weekends, homecoming, or just a surprise visit. A place where you can connect with them away from their friends and the high energy of dorm rooms and campus life. Doing this, especially in their first year is really important. If they are struggling with a roommate, classes or homesickness, they need a safe space to talk to you face to face.

Remington Flats IS that place.