Protecting Your Privacy

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We’ve been alarmed by stories of hidden cameras in Airbnb’s and Hotels…this is what you can do about it.

Naturally everyone wants to believe that their Airbnb Hosts are decent people and the truth is, the majority are. When thinking about booking a vacation rental there are things to look out for, like is the property owned by individuals or part of a property management company? Property managers are not hands on so often times even they don’t know who is going into the property on a daily basis to clean and maintain the room.

This is where privacy can become a big problem.

Because Doug & I travel like you we’ve paid particular interest to this rash of stories about hidden cameras in hotels and vacations rentals. We found this great article and wanted to share it with you…our guests and of course give you our word that as hands on owners you have our personal guarantee that you’re privacy is protected at Remington Flats.

How to find camera’s in your room.

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